Let’s play a game….

….but don’t get too excited – we’re playing The Waiting Game, and it’s as boring as trying to learn algebra on a hot sunny day at school. Add a hefty dose of frustration to that and you’ve got a rough idea of the inside of my head at the moment.

Mr Sazmo is away on a course for 3 weeks, and we’re currently in the second week. The brilliant news is that his work visa arrived last week! Hooray! Unfortunately, it was suspiciously lonely in a large DHL packet – my visa was nowhere to be seen.

Here is a list of things that happened next that have led to the current state of The Waiting Game:

1. All communication has to be sent to the London branch of NZ immigration so they can forward it to NZ for you. Then they receive a reply and forward that to you. I have no idea why this is the case.

Maybe the staff in NZ write in a secret code that has to be deciphered each time? That would explain how long it takes.

2. Email immigration to ask where my visa is, as we were told that our applications would be processed together.

3. They reply 2 days later and say my application has been ‘sent for referral’. Answers on a postcard please, with the gazillion different things that could mean.

4. Ring them and ask what that means. London says they will ask NZ and get back to me.

5. The next day I get another email – it means my application has been sent to a doctor for review. No idea why. No further updates until the doctor has reviewed it.

6. Cry like a small child for 20 minutes before regaining composure. Frantically research possible next steps.

7. Discover that I can ask for my passport back and my application will still continue. Start to cheer up as I realise I can go to NZ for 6 months on a holiday visa before my application is approved.

8. Ring them to ask for passport back. Office closes at 4pm. Wait all weekend to speak to them on Monday.

9. Receive email on Monday that goes along the lines of “yes, of course you can have passport back, but obviously cannot travel to New Zealand. Can go to other countries though. Have fun!”.

10. Have no option but sit and stare at blank walls until visa is magically approved/reviewed/rejected by a small team of magical elves that cannot possibly allow people to communicate with them directly!

So now I’m frustrated and upset, with no real idea if there is anything I can do to make the situation better. To be honest, the thing that gets to me the most is the lack of communication. I feel like, even if the status of my application changes, I will only find out if I keep ringing them every day.

But, the biggest thing that I have learned this week, is how much I really want to make NZ my home. I want to be a Kiwi, I want to hear my accent change, I want to cheer on the All Blacks, but I’m starting to worry that they don’t want me.

The possibility that I might not be able to go makes me really sad. I didn’t realise how much I was planning our future there, and thinking that it might not happen is like a punch in the stomach.

So, now I’m keeping everything crossed, and playing The Waiting Game.


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