House Hunting

One of the first things that struck me about New Zealand, apart from the glorious scenery, was the architecture. The houses in the UK tend to be of the same style in one street or area, but in NZ, every house is different. We started house hunting last week, booking as many viewings as we … More House Hunting

The Story So Far

It’s 8:49am on Friday in Wellington, and I’m having a coffee/taking advantage of free wifi. As a quick side note, the coffee here is like ambrosia, it is the work of the Gods.  Also, they toast banana bread and spread butter on it. Oh my days. Anyway, we’ve been here for a week now, and … More The Story So Far

I’m in!

Let’s start this blog post off on a ridiculously high note – I have my visa! After over a month, I can finally stop worrying that Mr Sazmo will have to go to NZ without me. It hasn’t been a simple process and, in keeping with my experiences so far, finding out that my application … More I’m in!