Christmas to Kiwimas

I’ll start by saying that we had an awesome weekend. We went on a boat trip over to Somes Island, a predator-free scientific reserve in the middle of Wellington Harbour. The weather was gorgeous and we enjoyed a picnic in the sunshine – it was wonderful.

So I wasn’t really expecting to come crashing down on Sunday evening because of something so trivial and silly. I’d just finished catching up on Strictly Come Dancing (don’t judge me, I love it and always have a debrief call with my Nan once we’ve both watched it. We both want Louise to win).

And then the BBC sprung their ‘ooh look at all the great things on telly over Christmas’ advert on us. A few minutes of sparkly festive cheer, with glimpses into their awesome programme schedule for the next few weeks. AND I CRIED.

I cried my stupid little eyes out. And not just because they’ve brought back Jonathan Creek (SO EXCITED). Because it reminded me of every Christmas I’ve ever had in my 34 years. Don’t get me wrong, we never sat down and watched telly all day, but it evoked memories of terrible Christmas jumpers, hot mince pies, sitting down to watch Doctor Who, eating our body weight in cheese, playing games, opening our presents, eating the best roast ever – all things I have done surrounded by the people I love.

I miss everything at the moment. They’re playing ‘White Christmas’ in the shops here, but it’s summer outside. They’re selling woolly santa hats, but it’s too warm to wear them. Essentially, it doesn’t feel like Christmas.

I didn’t realise I’d feel this sad, that I’d miss my family and friends the most at this time of year, but I do. My heart aches to be back in the UK, but I’ve got to find a way to make this work.

So it’s time to start celebrating Kiwi-mas.

Kiwimas means that we have made a driftwood tree instead of buying a real one. It means a barbecue on Christmas Day, followed by body boarding at the beach. We’ll be Skyping family and friends to watch them open presents, and then eating our body weight in cheese (because some things don’t change).


We won’t be watching Christmas films – they’re all set during winter. We need to start making new memories, so that Kiwimas becomes something I can look forward to each year.

So, New Zealanders, hit me with your Kiwimas traditions!


One thought on “Christmas to Kiwimas

  1. Firstly, I’m so happy I found your blog, secondly, I used DREAM of a white Christmas to be so bored of NZ and its hot summer Christmas days until I spent two in London. I was miserable by being coupled up inside, had to wear so many layers due to the cold. In NZ, most of my family, friends & I spend the day either in our backyards or at any beach which is usually packed with what feels like all of NZ. Not only do we eat a lot of similar roasts, but you can indulge in all the cold desserts you want whilst lying in the sun. I hope you end up finding something that makes you feel a little more at home here this Christmas!xo

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